What is Burny Finance and Why Should You Care?

Burny Finance
2 min readApr 10, 2021


How This Came About

A few days ago, a group of crypto investors and traders decided to come together for one cause — philanthropy. While it may seem a bit strange that a random ERC-20 token is making a play on U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, we are paying homage to the legislative initiatives he has pushed to benefit those who are at a disadvantage — to redistribute wealth and have a more equitable society. With all of the rug pulls and scams that continue to discredit the Crypto Space we decided to take a unique approach. Given the massive benefits of blockchain technology integrated with finance, making De-Fi the powerful mechanism it is, we decided to pour in positive energy into the space by utilizing dynamic tokenomics to raise money for charitable donations.

On April 5th, 2021, the Burny Finance team was formed. The smart contract was developed on the same day and the team decided to use their own funds to provide liquidity for the project. We then launched on Uniswap and locked liquidity on Unicrypt on April 7th. Upon the start, we were met with an overwhelming first day of trading. Due to the support we had early on, we were able begin charitable giving in the same week. Shortly, we will share information on how that event has turned out.

Why You Should Care

We have been in contact with several children’s homes and hospitals — they are thrilled about our desires to provide charitable contributions. From one our admins, we’ve already made several children cry tears of joy with our first stop. More on that follow…

Simply put, if you love kids, if you care about others, this is the project to be a part of. While we have a desired roadmap to follow, our efforts are flexible. If you have any recommendations on places to support, please keep them in mind as we will be releasing a submission form in the future. In future articles, we will discuss our tokenomics, roadmap, and charitable events.

How to Support

If you have questions, feel free to contact us on any of our social platforms.

For the kids. For those in need. This is for you.


Burny Finance

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